The end…for now

I find it fitting that I am wrapping up my 23 Things just as Summer is finally wrapping up outside. November is almost here and we are FINALLY getting the cool breeze. Granted, it’s paired with rain…but I still love it.
Back to the 23 Things: I really enjoyed doing this. Some of the tasks were irrelevent to my life and job, but who knows if tomorrow a patron will ask me about social bookmarking?? Hey, anything is possible at the library!


What a great way to waste time

Sometimes I just need to give my brain a break. I’ve been taking breaks by playing Music Challenge on facebook; you get thirty seconds to guess the title of the song or the artist performing it. I love it. Although it requires me to think, it’s using that “random knowledge” part. I love that part. I love that I know useless, random stuff.

I mention this because the Web 2.0 Awards site had quite a few mindless pages to look at. “One Sentence” was particularly interesting; it is similar to the Postcard guy from Germantown in that it is anonymous postings of peoples deepest secrets. I read some and feel pity; I read others and feel so lucky to be where I am.

Another cool site is The jewelry and accessories are so cute!! I love eclectic stuff; it brightens up my boring wardrobe. Take a look; buy yourself something. And check this bag out…TOO cute!!


…I LOVED the You Tube sponsored Democratic debate last July. I thought the format was especially appealing to a younger crowd which is so important because they belong to the exact demographic that produces the lowest number of voters. Here is part one of the debate:

I remember the election of ’04 like it was yesterday; I was sitting backwards in my chair watching the election results from my dorm room in at JWU. I screamed when I heard Ohio’s results; something that my roommate from that year still makes fun of me about. More importantly, though, I remember taking my four roommates down to the Rhode Island Convention Center so they could vote. The entire time we were walking down there I was answering their questions about the two candidates, making sure to not sound biased towards one or disdainful towards the other. I simply wanted them to vote! I didn’t care who they cast their ballot for, or if they wrote-in Mickey Mouse. What mattered was that they voted!
I am taking that enthusiasm and applying it to my classmates at SMCM. I have joined St. Mary’s Votes; a non-partisan organization on campus that registers students to vote in the state of MD, drives students to the polls, and send absentee ballots for those who choose to vote from their hometown/state. Which brings me to my next point…
In the 2004 election a mere 47% of 18-24 y/os went to the polls. That is pathetic. People of my generation have no idea how much their vote counts; that if more of us voted, more candidates would listen to what we had to say. What is even more important is that what is passed into law today will affect our children. People of my generation need to take a more active role in their future. That begins today!

wiki!! wiki!!

So I am not quite sure how I feel about wikis. Before I reach a conclusion I must list the pros and cons:
– Open to everyone, professional or novice.
– An excellent place when you need a quick bit of info

– Anyone can post and they may not double-check their sources
– It is not a credible source and students don’t realize this

…I feel as though I am missing something. But for now I will go ahead and say that I like them. Heck, Wikipedia is my best friend as a history major because if I need a quick refresher on an event or person, it has all the info I need!


Zoho Writer is such a great online tool! It ensures that MAC, iPhone, Linux, and Microsoft users can open/read/edit documents without first checking they are connecting to a computer with the right operating system. This was a problem for me a few years ago because I had to wipe out my computer and all I had to reload on it was my roommate’s Microsoft Works. My professors did not have Works so emailing them my work was out of the question, which meant i had to go to class every day. (Oh boo hoo, right?? lol)

The Future of Libraries…Are you super-psyched or what?!!!

Anyone who has been around me for more than an hour will tell you that I get excited very easily. I am astounded by common things and love love love to talk about something I’ve read or discovered. One thing that has never ceased to amaze me is libraries. Rick Anderson’s essay Away from the ‘icebergs’ really thrilled me because he highlighted a few things that could be roadblocks to our future success. This is patricularly interesting to me because in less than two years I will be applying to graduate schools in hopes that the most forward-thinking school will accept me into their program. That being said, let me dive into a couple things I have been thinking about int erms of library growth.
Anderson wrote “Libraries are poorly equipped and insufficiently staffed for teaching,” and I completely agree. Our reference librarians can track mostly anything down, the “Ask Us Now 24/7” online homework help website is an excellent resource, and librarians and library associates can help patrons find any resource available within the state. BUT, what about those that need a little something different? Something that can’t be taught from a book? I believe that a librarian trained in aiding people with employment would be extremely helpful to numerous patrons. He or she could hold seminars on resume writing, interview skills, and job-searching techniques. Any thoughts on this??
What makes a library so great is having what the patrons need and want, anticipating those needs, and delivering them in a pleasant manner. Another of Anderson’s “icebergs” was that because people do not need libraries as much as in the past, we need to make libraries a place people want to be. Whether on the web or in person we should be thinking, “Am I doing my best to serve the patrons today?” In the customer survey completed last winter/spring, a vast majority of patrons listed “the staff members at Charlotte Hall” as one of their favorite things about the library. I recall my first week at the library; I said to the line of patrons, “I can help the next guest at this computer” and my circulation manager said, “Oh! Guests! I like that!” *That was my inner Starbucks girl coming out in me.
I kind of forgot where I was going with this. This just goes to prove that I get SO excited about something, but I end up going off on a tangent about something a little different and then it’s lost. I think I’m going to buy a Scion tC.

Born to Fly

One of my oldest and dearest friends is in town for a couple weeks, on break from Americorps. Since last Spring she has been counseling young adults in Charleston, aiding in the restoration of the Gulf states post-Katrina, and so much more. Over drinks the other night we were discussing world travles, as she has also spent six months in Ghana learning the art of African Drumming and African culture. Obviously, traveling has been on my mind a lot; therefore, I created a Rollyo with the theme of ‘travel’.

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Empty Chai Tea Latte

As many of you know, or will come to find out, is rather addicting. Especially because it is SO easy to post the picture to your blog! (Once you’ve clicked on the photo you like, click the ‘blog this’ icon above the photo. You must ‘Grant Access’ to Then you can post blogs with accompanying photos from
I chose this picture because an empty Starbucks iced chai cup is usually by my side. (That or a Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee or a Chick-fil-A iced tea…) Chai is a tantilizing blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and so many more. The concentrate is diluted with milk (it is especially enjoyable with soy milk) and is topped off with ice and a little bit of whipped cream (for those of us who like a sweet kick to their beverages). If you have not had the pleasure of trying this Indian treat, please come by my Starbucks sometime before August 25th and I will concoct the perfect cup of chai for you. 😉