Lie, part II

I want to follow up Wednesday’s post with one that is not my own. It belongs to a fellow MLS-er (she just graduated in May) and discusses the same thing I was waffling about yesterday: lie on my resume about having an MLS yet, or not? (The reason being that I am THIS close to having it.)

Please read her blog entry here.

Thanks, Rosanne!


To lie or not to lie, that is the question…

According to the Human Resources phone-answerer at George Mason University, my application for History and Political Science Liaison Librarian was instantly rejected because I chose the response ‘no’ to the question, “Do you currently hold an MLS?” I chose ‘no’ because I applied in September, a mere 4 months before I would receive my MLS. Had I chosen ‘yes’, I would have been lying.

Obviously, I am upset. The first holy-crap-I’m-going-to-be-unemployed-soon cry of my life kind of upset. I wasn’t even considered because I was 4 months away from having my MLS. THIS close, y’all.

This. Close.

I feel as though the only thing I ever talk about is my lack of a job, my impending unemployment. I’ve put out the applications, dozens, as a matter of fact. No interviews, 5 ‘Thanks but no thanks’ letters.

So I am branching out from the East Coast. I applied to the University of Alaska today, folks. Alaska. If I had more medical terminology knowledge I would apply for the Air Force Librarian job in Italy. But it doesn’t matter how far I am willing to travel. Because it’s not me that’s the problem; it’s the lack of jobs. Over 200 people applied for the GMU job. 2oo librarians!! That is an obscene number of MLS-holding professionals who are looking for a job. I mean, I don’t just feel bad for me right now, I feel bad for all of us! And thank God I only have me to worry about. If I had a family I would be going absolutely crazy right now.

So a lot of tears and a blog post later, I am hitting the ground running. Day 64, the search for a job continues. (Days calculated by how long I have been in current position which is the day I started looking for my next job.)

A job offer, with a side of confusion

I got a job offer today! But sadly it’s outside of my field (big shock there) and is in Northern Virginia. So here’s my dilemma:

I want to accept the offer and begin work next month. I want to start working there before my current job ends so that I will have something definite to go into when I am done at Thurgood Marshall Academy on Dec. 17th. But what if I do get a job offer in the library field? I would hate say, “Thanks, but it’s been a month and now I’m done!” I would also hate to back out because I can’t afford to live in Northern Virginia on a Starbucks salary (<$10/hr).

I am upset that a Starbucks manager is the only guy that has said, “Your resume is impressive and I want you to work here.” I know there are other unemployed people who have been unemployed longer than I have. And I know they would kill for any job. So would I!!! But right now, there is more than a job to consider. Where will I live? How will I become self-sufficient enough to pay for rent and utilities, my car, and, soon enough, student loans? Will I need two jobs?

I am applying to jobs all up and down the Eastern seaboard: Carolinas, DC-metro region, New England. I am amazed that none of them wants me. Oooh, did you see that? Up there? That’s my bubble bursting. Pretty little book-shaped bubbles popping all over the place…

…just a little woes-is-me blog. Nothing that requires a response.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand scene

Cover letter, cover letter, cover letter

I just took a look at my thumb drive. I have 11 saved cover letters. That means that within the past 2-3 weeks I have applied to 11 jobs. At least. Because there are more jobs that require an online application, sans cover letter. To the best of my knowledge, I am at 20 applications.

This is becoming overkill.

The hardest part is, no two cover letters are alike because each position requires a different skill set. Look, I am glad to write a new cover letter every time, but in doing so I have become immune to my abilities, skills, and general awesomeness. No, really. I am getting bored with writing about myself, and the more I do it, the quicker I’ll come to the realization that no one is hiring me.

I wrote in one letter that I was aware I was “overqualified” for the position, but that I wanted it nonetheless. That despite applying for a job that requires a high school diploma, I still want that job because it allows me to be in a library. THAT is what is important to me at this point in my life. Do I want a paycheck that equals my talents? Yup. Do I want a title that proves how hard I have worked for it? You bet… But the most important thing right now is to be in a library. Not in Starbucks, Borders, or at a desk somewhere. I need to be in a library.

I really hope that someone recognizes this and calls me in for an interview. This week I have been sent 5 “You’re not good enough” letters. I need some positive. Faith takes me far, but it doesn’t pay the bills.

I leave you with a picture to make you (okay, me) smile:

Feelings of Fear

I am scared that come mid-December I will not have a job. I watch the news, read the newspaper, and read other librarian blogs and am scared. I am fearful that I won’t have made enough contacts, and won’t be worthy of a job. I am terrified that I will be overqualified for half of the jobs I apply for, whereas I’ll be under-qualified for all the others (in terms of my competition; professionals who have been in the field longer than I have). In less than five months I will be out of a job, apartment, and school. Aside from a laptop, a few pieces of furniture, and a car…I will have nothing to call mine. I am scared of the possibility of unemployment, because with that comes a lack on income, no health insurance, and anxiety that I may be in that unemployed position for too long. Where will I live? Do I accept a job that takes me away from my family?

Oh, and this will SO be me!

Interviews and ALA

I was interviewed this morning for a temporary Librarian position at a DC charter school. The librarian is going on maternity leave and they are looking for a someone to do her job while she is gone, vice getting a long-term substitute. The interview went well, but I was surprisingly nervous. I don’t usually get nervous, but this time I was. I fumbled some words, stuttered, and said “Um” about a dozen times. Hopefully that doesn’t dissuade them from hiring me. It would be the perfect job! And it would end just as I get my degree and my lease expires in December, leaving me open to do anything, go anywhere. Not that I’m looking to move to Seattle, but if an opportunity arose…

ALA Annual Conference is TOMORROW!!!!