Dream Shelf

Most librarians have a dream shelf, while others just want more shelves. I subscribe to the dream shelf. I don’t want just any book to sit on my shelf, not being read (or, more appropriately, re-read). If I don’t intend on reading a book, or if I didn’t really care for it, then I don’t want to own it. Simple as that.

My husband has taken me to book stores on numerous occasions hoping to buy me a book. Nine times out ten, I walk out empty-handed. Those same nine times he has a pile of non-fiction that I helped him whittle down from a dozen to a select few from reputable authors or at least with promising references.

The books you will find on my Amazon wish list fall into one of two categories, the first being books I desperately want to own, but find gasoline and food to be more of a priority. The second is books I am interested in reading but are not in my library’s (or surrounding library systems’) catalog. If you were to buy me a book from my wish list, your name would go down in history (on this blog) as a benefactor of my art (book reviewing).

What books are on your dream shelf?


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