Stalk Me

I’m not that good at Twitter-ing, and I got in fits and spurts on Pinterest. But Instagram? I’m on it!

Other than that (and Facebook) I have a few social networking accounts of my own, but mostly I follow others who do a great job at whatever it is they do, be it reading and reviewing, cooking/baking, living a gluten-free life, etc. Below are links to my pages as well as links to those pages I cannot live without visiting.

– Twitter: @alibrarianstake
LibraryThing, where I catalog all of the books I read
– Instagram: @browncurlz3
Follow me with Bloglovin

How Sweet It Is blog: holy cow, such good food!
Allodoxophobia: the Fear of Opinions: I met these ladies at a YA meetup. I love their Top Ten Tuesday lists (and no, not just because I adore alliteration)
Reading Teen: A family that visits my library maintains this YA lit review page.


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